Prozac Nation
Young and Depressed in America


"Sparkling, luminescent prose...A powerful portrait of one girl's journey through the purgatory of depression and back." –New York Times

A harrowing story of breakdowns, suicide attempts, drug therapy, and an eventual journey back to living, this poignant and often hilarious book gives voice to the high incidence of depression among America's youth.

Following her music criticism for publications like The New Yorker and New York magazine, Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation was published in 1994 and featured an account of her own issues with atypical depression and drug addiction, as well as her days as a student at Harvard and her sex life. The book launched a new wave of confessional writing and transformed Wurtzel into a Gen X celebrity at the age of 26.

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Notes from Folio

Elizabeth Wurtzel died of breast cancer in 2020. She told Vice in 2015: “So I have breast cancer, which like many things that happen to women is mostly a pain in the ass. But compared with being 26 and crazy and waiting for some guy to call, it’s not so bad.”