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About You

You know that stories are medicine. There’s no higher magic, in your eyes, than a well-told personal narrative that sheds light on the deeper truths of the human condition. As a reader, you seek out great memoirs, incredible plotlines (real or imagined), and characters that etch their names in your heart. 

A natural people-person, you’re known (and loved) for your empathy, care and curiosity. There are few things you love more than a good conversation, and you know how to truly, deeply listen. Books provide another outlet for connecting with and learning from the full rainbow spectrum of the human experience. 

You know that the real magic is in the power of another person’s story to unlock something within yourself. Coming-of-age novels guided you on your own passage to adulthood, tales of redemption helped you make peace with your mistakes, and through stories of dysfunctional families, you came to understand how you were shaped by your own upbringing.

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Book Habits
Making it social multiplies the magic—nobody loves a good book club more than you.
Favorite Reading Spot
At home, whenever you finally have the place to yourself.
Hot Tip
Organize your own informal book club by getting a couple of friends to join you in your next read.
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