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About You

With your encyclopedic mind and love of literature, you’re a walking New York Times Book Review.

A lifelong intellectual with a love of the arts, you’re always at the center of the cultural (and literary) world. You’re up on the latest podcasts and you’re the first to catch a new exhibit at the Whitney. You know your Charles Bukowski from your William S. Burroughs, and you’re as proficient in beat poetry as you are in new journalism. You’re always ahead of the literary curve and briefed on the most buzzworthy titles. You’ve got a critical eye and an endless list of recommendations for anyone who’s looking for their next great read.

But what really drives you isn’t really the need to stay up-to-date with what’s new and noteworthy. You know that arts and culture, at their core, are a way of celebrating life and reminding us who we really are. You find great purpose and pleasure in curating your own personal museum of inspiring and illuminating literary works—and you’ll always share it with anyone who asks.

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Book Habits
Combing the New York Times bestseller list like it’s your job.
Favorite Reading Spot
Outdoor cafe on a Saturday afternoon.
Hot Tip
Get in on the conversation—always check a new author’s website to see if they’re giving a book talk in your city.
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