The Jane Austen Every story is a love story.

About You

You’re all heart, dear Jane—and the stories that captivate you are almost always tales of romance and passion. You’re always looking for your next great love story, and books connect you to the kind of love that moves mountains.

You have a tendency to escape into your own inner world of fantasy, and you might have to warn your friends that it could be a while before you come up for air. Sensitive and introverted, you tend prefer the company of a small but intimate circle of close friends to a party scene. But when it comes to your literary life, the network of characters you’ve befriended through books is practically endless.

For you, the measure of a good read is the way it moves you—to laughter, to tears, to bursts of joy and flights of fancy. You’ve made your way through every Emily Henry and Tessa Bailey novel, and wherever you go, there’s always a candy-colored cover peeking out of your bag.

Warm your heart and lift your spirits with a stirring tale of star-crossed lovers, but don’t forget to look up and enjoy the romance of the real world.

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Book Habits
You often go for series and trilogies, which allow your relationships with your favorite characters to linger a little longer.
Favorite Reading Spot
Curled up in a sunny corner at home with a scented candle and a chunky throw.
Hot Tip
Tailor your reading list to film adaptations (current or throwback) so you can watch your inner visions come to life.
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