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About You

For you, dear Lush, reading is an act of pure juicy pleasure. A devotee of what Susan Sontag called the “book-drunken” life, you love a good page-turner and a fantastical tale of a far-flung locale, and you’re as happy with a breezy beach read as you are with a heady Booker Prize-winner. 

Studies have shown that reading puts the brain into a pleasurable trance state—but of course, you knew that already. You’ve preserved the lost art of reading to unwind and relax, and you often remind others that books can be a source of great joy and inspiration. Naturally curious and emotionally-driven, you seek books that pull you in and don’t let go until the very end.  

Know that you hold a secret that few people know: that reading for pleasure is the ultimate act of renewal and restoration. Pleasure isn’t trivial, and self-care doesn’t have to be a struggle—in fact, it’s the enjoyment of reading itself that brings healing and transformation. 

Follow your fascinations wherever they may go, and let your favorite books be your lifelong companions.

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Book Habits
Losing track of time and reading into the wee hours of the morning
Favorite Reading Spot
Anywhere and everywhere: in bed, at cafes, on planes and trains
Hot Tip
Don’t be afraid to go deep. They may not be as breezy, but classic novels and seminal works of nonfiction are worth the extra effort.
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