The Poet The beauty in the ordinary

About You

There’s poetry in all things for those whose eyes (and hearts) are open enough to see it. 

You think in metaphor and dream in myths, dear Poet. Emotionally-driven and artistic by nature, you’ve always turned to books to connect to the wonders of life—the beauty, the tragedy, the love, the pain, the whole messy experience of being human.  

Reading is your way to feed your imagination, relish in beauty, and dive into the deep waters of your own emotions. It’s also simply a way to connect. With your deep empathy, you become one with the characters in whatever book you’re reading with astonishing ease. Your solitary nature means that you often seek company in books. But what you’re truly seeking is the alchemy that happens when you enter into the emotional lives of your favorite authors and characters, and end up with a far greater understanding and acceptance of your own struggles, sorrows and secret desires. 

You love the way that a good story can tug on your heartstrings and move you to tears. You tapped into your own well of grief with The Year of Magical Thinking and The Crying Book. You soared on the wings of Amanda Gorman’s verse in Call Us What We Carry and healed your mother wound with Ocean Vuong and Celeste Ng.

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Book Habits
Revisiting your favorite authors, passages and quotes over and over again. Go ahead—let yourself linger over the words that make your spirit soar.
Favorite Reading Spot
Curled up at a cozy cottage during a weekend getaway.
Hot Tip
Write! You weren’t just meant to be a reader. You’ve got a way with words, so let your literary adventures inspire your own expression.
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