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About You

You read to learn how to tap into your innate superpowers, dear Power Broker. With your introspective nature and sharp intellect, you’re always seeking self-knowledge and self-improvement. 

In this pursuit, books are your greatest ally. You sharpened your mental muscles with Dan Pink, Daniel Kahneman and Ryan Holiday. In biographies of women who bent the moral arc of the universe, you learned how to overcome the odds and make your belief in your dreams more powerful than your fear. 

While others are binging Netflix, you’re getting an unofficial master’s degree in human behavior, economics, current issues and personal growth as you make your way down your reading list. Your goal-oriented, information-seeking nature means that you tend to prefer non-fiction, but you also love a good novel that challenges you intellectually and offers a new way of seeing the world. 

For you, Power Broker, Thinking, Fast and Slow isn’t just pop psychology—it’s a way of life. Ask yourself: How are you bringing all your new insights off the page and into your life?

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Book Habits
You never read without a pen in hand—and your margins are marked up with ideas, insights and keywords.
Favorite Reading Spot
At your favorite coffee shop, sipping a cortado between afternoon meetings.
Hot Tip
Indulge your imagination. Reading can be a goal-oriented activity for you, but you may be surprised at how much practical knowledge you gain from indulging in a great novel.
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