The Professor Learning is a lifestyle choice.

About You

Your love of books goes back to the earliest days of your childhood—and secretly, you kind of miss being in school. But you’re perpetually enrolled in the School of Life, and you’ll never stop seeking knowledge. 

In every novel and work of nonfiction, you find a lesson that opens your mind and expands your understanding of the world. You discovered who you are with the help of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Malcolm Gladwell. Prose is your passion, you love the classics and “big ideas” books in equal measure. You’re known for your insatiable intellectual curiosity and your impressive personal library, which ranges from historical fiction to pop psychology to manifestos on combatting climate change. 

Above all, what you crave from reading is the learning of new things and thinking of new thoughts. Any time you have a problem to solve, you know the solution is hidden somewhere on your bookshelf. Always remember the Golden Rule of reading: Seek and ye shall find.

This Week's Recs

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Book Habits
Reading like a student—underlines, marginalia and all.
Favorite Reading Spot
Sitting between the shelves of a beautiful bookstore.
Hot Tip
Share your love of books with others—you never know who you’ll inspire to read a book that completely changes their life.
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